Pictures are great. Audio is great.

But there is just something about video that conveys a message in such an engaging way.

If you need help developing a video for your company, training, or marketing campaign, let's get in touch!

Branded Videos

A key component to creating branded videos is not to simply ensure the use of business colors. The goal is create something that reflects the vibe of the business.

Explainer Videos

Converging Solutions asked to update their explainer videos to be more engaging and current. They wanted each video to have it's own vibe to distinguish the difference between the three services that they offer. Here is the final product.

Training Videos

Many training videos that I have created are not available for me to share publicly, however, this series shows a glimpse into how I develop training videos. This is a four-video series intended for educating the public regarding the Covid-19 recovery plan outlined by the White House Administration.