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Project Details

For: Paypal

Date: 2019

Learning Solutions: PowerPoint Presentation and Correlating Training Manual


The company was implementing some drastic procedural changes in-house.

The training needed to be adaptable to a hybrid model that allowed for in-person or online training.

All training was to be implemented live, however, the implementation may be by several different people.

The new procedural changes were complex affecting multiple departments and needed to be clearly defined and outlined.

All designs must align with the PayPal assets library.


Training was developed in PowerPoint and the training manual was developed in Microsoft Word.

Both products reflected similar designs and the designs aligned with the PayPal assets library.

The designs were thematic based on training content. The designs below represent one of the trainings, while another was a theme of blues and greens.

During the meeting with multiple PayPal representatives from different departments nationwide, I took detailed notes with regards to the complicated new procedural changes and aligned them with the provided zip file of documents. I then created a flow chart of events to clarify that all team members agreed on the new process before creating the training itself.

Once all designs and training content/objectives were outlined and agreed upon, I developed the training in PowerPoint with speaker notes and an aligning training module developed in Microsoft Word.


While the multiple departments across the nation started the project with some misconceptions regarding the process in other departments, the development of this training solidified and unified understanding of the procedural changes.

The 3 training presentations and correlating  training manuals were delivered to all human resources personnel across the United States as the initial launch of the new procedural processes with plans to translate and deliver the content globally.

The training was well received by the PayPal team and several positive remarks were made with regards to the procedural flowcharts and the breakdown thereof.


Tools used: Microsoft PowerPoint and Word



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